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The effective person (2)

Last time we began looking at the effective person. Life is too short not to live an effective life but unfortunately many people just go through the motions of life without being effective. They live day to day just going through life and in many cases they have become efficient at it.

“Efficient people are well organized and competent. They check things off their to-do list. They complete projects. They get stuff done. Effective people do all that … but they check the right things off their to-do list. They complete the right projects. They get the right stuff done. They execute and produce what makes the biggest difference for their business … and for themselves.” Jeff Haden

For life to have a meaning and for your life to count you must be effective. Effectiveness is the key to making dreams come into reality. Anybody can have dreams, wishes and desires, but what matters most is the resolve to make it happen. The effective person is resolved and committed to translate his wishes and hopes into reality. Effectiveness – achieving set goals, aims and objectives- is never an accident. It takes more than desires and wishes. It takes imbibing certain traits and qualities and engaging in certain actions.

To succeed in life in any area will demand swimming upstream. It is easier to flow with the tide than swim against the tide but the effective person knows he cannot afford to compromise his set goals, aims and objectives.  Life does not just happen and life does not give us what we want. Life will only give us what we demand. To be effective is to make a demand on life and ensuring the demand is achieved – it is a strong desire to accomplish that which is set out to be achieved. The effective person is determined to give all it will take to get things done. He is unstoppable. He keeps going at it till he achieves his set goal.

“Determination is the ability to keep trying, and to keep moving towards a goal, no matter what. It is in getting back up no matter how many times we fall down. People who have mastered determination are not necessarily people who have never failed, or even those who have failed many times. People with determination are those who get up and keep going, who learn from what went wrong and adjust course, and who believe in themselves despite all obstacles. The difference between eventual success and failure can be a true sense of determination”.  Nikki Martinez

To be an effective person you must have a compelling desire powered by an inward compulsive drive. It is this inner compulsive drive that makes the effective person unstoppable. This inner drive powers his commitment.

“There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstance permit. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.” Art Turock

The effective person is result-oriented. He does not just do things efficiently but he gets the desired results accomplished. We all have only one shot at life and we owe ourselves the duty to be effective.


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