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Actor swindled at bank premises

This quite popular actor recently did a stupid thing and he is currently gnashing his teeth big time. His ‘long throat’ attitude made him to fall into the hands of a swindler and he is very angry now.

He is a famous face in the English version of Nollywood but he could not be regarded as an A-list, but all the same, he has acted in some good movies. He has the same first name as that of the elder of the two princes of yonder.

According to Olofofos, the actor went to a bank to withdraw a $1000 note sent to him. After collecting the money, the bank offered to give him the naira equivalent but he refused. He was later approached by an aboki at the bank’s premises who told him that he would change the money into naira for him at the prevailing parallel market rate.

So, the actor gave him the $1000 and when the aboki came back, instead of giving the actor the agreed rate, he brought it at a lower rate. So the actor rejected the money and demanded for his dollar note back.

The aboki, according to Olofofos, collected the naira back and returned the dollar note, but the actor did not know that what was given back to him was a fake note.

It was when the actor went to another area to change the dollar that his ‘eyes clear’ as the aboki refused to collect the money from him, saying it was a fake dollar note.

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